OK, so the plan is to curate a growing list of helpful resources for potential church planters to chew on. Here are some to be getting on with.


The Vineyard Churches UK&I website has loads of great resources on it, and also there’s a section that explains the church planting process.

In the U.S. the Church Planting Taskforce for the Vineyard has developed a programme called Multiply Vineyard that is an amazing hub for all things church planting. The associated YouTube channel is fantastic.

Some of these will give a flavour of stories of planting and what’s involved, with differing approaches.

This paper by Tim Keller is probably the most accessible yet thorough argument for church planting around.

Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch

Church planting for a greater harvest

This explanation of what it means to be a Vineyard church is pretty helpful.

If you’re new to the Vineyard and wanted to read some of the backstory, then there are a couple of books that we have loved. One is The Way it Was by Carol Wimber which is a sweet read about the life and ministry John Wimber, and the other is a warts and all, very inspiring thorough history of the Vineyard movement up until the late 90s called The Quest for the Radical Middle.


Our own podcast from Vineyard churches in Scotland : “Planted”

“How to plant a healthy church” podcast

“Ferment” Podcast


Exploring church planting with Michael Gatlin

The Origins of the Vineyard in Ireland

Vineyard Insights