Speak it out

Sunday past at Inverness Vineyard was a great morning. It was our first Sunday back after a break through July. Throughout the month we served our city by litter picking, gardening and giving out free gifts on the streets. It was a really great time.

It was also a great morning for another reason. During the worship time I had a tap on my shoulder. I didn’t know the man who was speaking to me but he thought he knew me. “Were you in Nottingham at the leaders conference a number of years back?” I said yes. Then it clicked……a number of years ago there was a call for prayer for folk who thought one day that church planting might be part of their story.  I went forward, why not? I might do it one day….

The man who prayed for me that day at the leaders conference asked me where I would go? “Inverness…my wife is from there and we love the city”.  In that moment of speaking it out, we then found out this guy knew Inverness really well, and was eager to pray for me. There was lots of tears and I knew at that point something had happened. There was an acknowledgement that God was up to something exciting.

Fast forward many more words and God moments and eventually taking the next steps going through the church planting process – moving house, changing jobs, moving house again, starting Inverness Vineyard Church, nearly 2 years on, I got this tap on my shoulder. The man who prayed for this church, for us as a family, for the dreams I spoke out was worshipping with us. He was there and I was there – It was a sweet sweet moment.

Its taken me a wee while just to appreciate and process that moment, and the importance of that prayer time. The significance of him knowing Inverness well in the mix of 1200 other people, of me speaking out the dream (however crazy it seemed at the time), and looking at what happened since. It is so important we speak out the dreams and the plans that we think God may have in store for us , however crazy they may seem and we must encourage others to do the same.

Something was brought into reality in that short prayer time. Faith levels were heightened, and the adventure was unfolding. What would have happened if I never went for prayer? If he never prayed for me? I wouldn’t like to imagine. I am glad I said yes to the nudge of God,  I love that God always has a plan and that he orchestrates and plans every little detail.

So if you have a dream, speak it out, pray it through with folk who are for you, say Yes to the nudge from God and who knows the next big adventure might just be taking shape!